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Welcome to Heathen Hemp

Welcome to Heathen Hemp

Welcome to Heathen HempWelcome to Heathen HempWelcome to Heathen Hemp

All natural hemp flower and CBD oil!

About Us

A field of hemp plants growing CBD

Seed to Table

We offer CBD products directly from the hemp farm. Our flower is dried, cured, and hand trimmed. Our CBD oil is extracted using food grade ethanol right from the hemp farm. We also have seeds, seedlings, and clones available. All our hemp products are grown in a natural environment using no chemicals. Buy local and support the farmer.

Bottles of all natural CBD oil

Hemp and Healing

Millions of people are turning to hemp and getting rid of prescription drugs. Try our CBD products and see the difference for yourself. Lots of customers are seeing results in a wide range of ailments.

CBD oil dripping into tincture

Our Promise to You

We will be transparent and provide all test documents throughout the grow. You can watch the process and rest assure you are getting quality CBD products.

CBD Products